Hodge 100% Chine Silk Swab
Pulls through assembled oboe or English Horn. Double ended for easy removal.
Set of 2
English Horn
Available in black
Set of 2

Protec Gel Cushion
for Oboe or Clarinet
Set of 2

Thumbeze for Oboe or Clarinet
Soft foam thumb cushion
Set of 3

Oboe Peg
Sturdy with broad, secure base.
Peg unscrews and base may
be housed within the peg.

Page Holder
Set of 2

Mighty Bright Duet Music Light
Two LED lights last 100,000 hours and mounted on flexible arms that afford endless positioning options for compact storage. Individual switches allow for use of one or both lights. Clips on to music stand or use free standing to backlight reeds. 3 AAA batteries included.
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